The Wolf is a mob which heavily populates the Forest area. It has a fairly low-mid life level and you will have to kill 10 wolves for inala as one of her quests. They can also be found in the wolf cave when they are less active or sleeping. This mob runs slightly slower than you so you can eventually outrun it.


  • Attack: 9
  • Defence: 10


  • Life: Level 8 (26 Hit Points)
  • Bite: level 5 (5 Accuracy)



  • If the player is under the effect of the Potion of Comprehension or if they are polymorphed into a wolf or white wolf, the wolf will say "Ouch" when hurt and "I have lost the battle" when dying.
  • If the wolf is part of the White Wolf's pack, he will instead say "My leader will hunt you down" when dying.

Taming Edit

  • To tame a wolf you will need to tame a pink rabbit. After the rabbit is tamed feed it to a wolf and the wolf will become tamed.
  • Players are able to randomly transform into a wolf using a polymorph potion.
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