• The White Wolf at it's spawning location
  • White Wolf standing
  • White wolf sleeping
The White Wolf roams the forest with a pack of four wolves. He is difficult to kill due to the fact that he runs away when his health goes down to about 25%. Many tactics have been set in place to catch and effectively kill him and his pack. Sholop sends you after the White Wolf and his pack, awarding you Shield Skill. He is also commonly tamed as a pet. A common strategy is to tame multiple White Wolves and keep them in the vault until needed. On a freshly reset server, the first White Wolf will spawn without summoning his pack of wolves.

The White Wolf runs slightly faster than players.

It is possible to summon a tamed White Wolf using the Scroll of Summon Wolf.

It is possible to polymorph into a White Wolf using a Polymorph Potion.


  • Attack: - (-) [14]
  • Defense: 15


  • Life: Level 18 (87 hit points)
  • Bite: Level 10 (10 accuracy)


The White Wolf does not have any resistances.


White Wolf drops are all rare.

Trivia Edit

  • When under the effect of the Potion of Comprehension or if the player is polymorphed into a wolf or white wolf, the white wolf will say "Ouch!" when hurt and "My pack will kill and eat you!" when dying.

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