Wand of Sleep
Wand of Sleep

Range Projectile
Special Projectile inflicts light sleep
Rarity Common
Crafting Materials Pan Pipes x1
Crafter Lysis
Buy Price 300

The Wand of Sleep is an item crafted by Lysis from a set of Pan Pipes. It is held in the hand like a weapon, and shoots out a small white projectile upon attacking. If the projectile hits an opponent who isn't immune, they will be sent into a Light Sleep . Pushing or attacking someone who is lightly sleeping will wake them up. After a certain amount of uses, the wand will "suddenly disappear".

Lysis buys Wands of Sleep for 68 gold and sells them for 300 gold.

It can be very useful against mobs as well as players as they will be rendered immobile and unable to do anything until the spell wears off.

Other UsesEdit

The Wand of Sleep can be used to sleep and pick up Bats, Bees and Rabbits . It can also be used in desperate situations to escape from combat. Firing it at certain friendly NPC's will also have various effects.