Tavelor teaches a player the ability to take vault inventory.

"You want to get organized? Well, let me tell you how I keep track of my tavern inventory. You start by...and then count...and make sure to keep track of...and that is all there is to it!"

The ability to take vault inventory is achieved as the 600-day Membership Reward, or can be purchased in The Aberoth Store For $14.99. Players must be in either their personal or guild vault to take inventory.

General InventoryEdit

A player can take general inventory by using the vaultinventory command.

A total count of gold and items is given as well as a breakdown of items by these categories:

weapons animal parts potions keys
scrolls containers boots musical instruments
belts rings amulets helmets
gloves gems wands charms

Using this command might return the following result:
800 weapons, 500 animal parts, 300 potions, 100 keys, 60 scrolls, 40 containers, 30 boots, 20 musical instruments, 10 belts, 20 rings, 25 amulets, 10 helmets, 10 gloves, 5 gems, and 5 wands.

Specific InventoryEdit

A player can take specific inventory by using the vaultinventory command combined with an item category.

Using a command like vaultinventory weapons might return the following result:
500 clubs, 150 spiked clubs, 100 knives, 80 daggers, 40 axes, 10 maces, 20 short swords, 5 wooden shields, 2 long swords, 2 spiked shields, 1 shield of terror, 5 minotaur axes, and 1 shield of the bee.