A vault is a space for players to store items in. Personal vaults can initially be bought from Gomald for 500 gold, and guild vaults can be bought for 10,000 gold. All vault prices can be reduced if wearing and showing a Medal of Gratitude.

Players cannot enter personal or guild vaults when they are wanted or infamous.

Personal VaultsEdit

There are different stages of vault size, each new stage purchasable by increasing amounts of gold or $10 from the Aberoth Store . There are a total of 16 stages in vault size, with prices ranging from 500 to 600,000 gold. Each stage increases the size of the vault as well as the brightness. The price for the next vault size is approximately the price of the last two added together. Buying a vault and upgrading it to the final stage costs a total of 1,671,000 gold.

Beginning at the 14th stage upgrade, the player has access to a room in their vault through a door that will have the first letter of their champion name on it. The vault owner is the only person able to open and close the door. At the 16th stage vault, the interior brightness is 85% of that of the town / outside in daytime.

Other players can be invited into another's vault with the command "invite [Name]". Invited players are unable to take items from somebody else's vault, unless they are trusted. To trust someone else (allow them to take items from your vault), the command "vaulttrust [Name]" is used.

  • 1st stage vault, costing 500 gold
  • 2nd stage vault, costing 1,000 gold
  • 3rd stage vault, costing 1,500 gold
  • 4th stage vault, costing 2,500 gold
  • 5th stage vault, costing 4,000 gold
  • 6th stage vault, costing 6,500 gold
  • 7th stage vault, costing 10,000 gold
  • 8th stage vault, costing 15,000 gold
  • 9th stage vault, costing 25,000 gold
  • 10th stage vault, costing 40,000 gold
  • 11th stage vault, costing 65,000 gold
  • 12th stage vault, costing 95,000 gold
  • 13th stage vault, costing 150,000 gold
  • 14th stage vault, costing 250,000 gold
  • 15th stage vault, costing 400,000 gold
  • 16th stage vault, costing 600,000 gold

Guild VaultsEdit

Guild vaults are purchasable by any member of a guild. They are upgradable like personal vaults. The starting price for a guild vault is 10,000 gold, while the 2nd stage upgrade is 20,000 gold, the 3rd 35,000 gold, the 4th 50,000 gold, the 5th 75,000 gold, and so on.

Access to guild vault doors (starting with the 5th stage guild vault upgrade) can be restricted to guild members of a specified rank by using the doorrank <rank level> command.

  • 1st stage guild vault, costing 10,000 gold
  • 2nd stage guild vault, costing 20,000 gold
  • 3rd stage guild vault, costing 35,000 gold
  • 4th stage guild vault, costing 50,000 gold
  • 5th stage guild vault, costing 75,000 gold
  • 6th stage guild vault, costing 100,000 gold(?)

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