Am I seriously the only girl on aberoth becuase seriously this is sad. Its actually a really fun game and I like it a lot i guess its understandable though because sometimes people are ass holes and start to fuck with you which kind of sucks but this is a guys playing feild right kind of have to toughin up? maybe...... In game I dont like people knowing I am a girl becuase I don't expect people to give me gear. Well in the beginning I kind of just asked because i was damn clueless of what to do, but now its like fend for myslef. Of course I'm going to help out any newbie on abs, but still this kind of sucks. Then again what the hell would I really do if there was a girl on aberoth? I mean what talk about cosmo, most people who are on here are a bazillion miles away so w.e.

So I guess Hedgies the name and beating the shit out of w.e is my game.

See ya around.

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