The time we killed grand shaman was a glorious day. Me and my friends were supposed to meet up at a certain time to kill Grand shaman. There was at least 5 people that came with me that day to kill gram. 4 I knew, one I had my suspicions of and another one that was supposed to be there but didn't bother to show up. So I brought my life potions, my speed, and shaman keys. So me and 5 others entered the ork cave, I noticed that the suspicion one had shaman keys. So we went into the gram entrance, it took a lot of time for one of us to have the courage to enter the room. As two of my friends entered the gram room, the door shut with a big thump. Then when none of us suspected it, the mysterious guy tried to kill us, he had a Minotaur axe and a blue bee shield so if we tried we probably could've killed him but we were taken by surprise. I used my speed potion and ran away, luckily this was when my shaman keys came in handy. So I ran to town hall and this is when my so called friend who was supposed to at our meeting point 15 minutes ago appeared. So me and the very few of friends who did managed to get away from that traitor tried to save the ones that were still there . So when I was at the entrance I found a crowd of people, around 10 there. So after all of us entered gram. After hours of spirited battling we finally managed to beat him.

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