That operation Grand Shaman post reminded of a time a while ago when me and my friends went to the desert for the second time. It was an absolute disaster! We went to Gurun's to look around (He used to live there, before a more recent update.). Then, one of my friends wanted to try to kill a skeleton. We found one, and it quickly left my friend on half health, with a (42) and a (38) hit. We ran, and split up. Then I started dying of thirst. Two of my friends (One of them being the half-health one.) were killed by skeletons and rattlesnakes. Me and my other friend got away. I drunk a speed I got from one of my pals, and quickly escaped through the maze, ditching them. Lucky, too. I was on half-health, dying of thirst and under attack by skeletons and rattlesnakes. I got back to the tavern and found my friends there, with hardly any items. One of them lost a Minotaur Axe! That was a failure. 🤔 Credits Half-Health Overconfident Guy -- Sagong Speed Potion Donor -- Pally Death By Skeletons And Rattlesnakes -- Jkit

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