Well, today we had the most disastrous expedition. I was the one who organised this expedition. We had got all the "retired" aberoth players for one last fight against our enemy, the grand shaman. We had gone with Jtreveza Commodore, Besttseb, Jkit, Pally, and I. There was an invited guest, lalyana. It took us quite some time to organise it but we managed. When we got there, we opened the door sucesfully. No one dared go in and I took the initiative to run in. Suddenly the door shut behind me and I was left alone with the grand shaman. I was very quickly killed and had to respawn. I had lost many objects of great value including a Large axe and a ring of defense 5.

Meanwhile, Lalyena went on rampage mode, she killed Pally leading to a great fight and run away, everyone was scared and I was left alone in the shamans passage to get my equipment alone. All of a sudden, Ayano comes out of nowhere and agrees to help me, on one condition, that my friends come back. I was able to convince Jtreveza to come back, a true friend. In the mean time, commodore had ditched us. Jkit also agreed to join us. Besttseb was too weak and had asked if we could obtain his lost items from the grand shaman. Ayano walked in, and the door slammed, he died. Then, some really good players came to the rescue.

We were 15 players going to massacre Grand shaman 6 of the best (including me) had got in and were able to defeat all the shamans and disciples. The door reopened and the grand shaman actually ran out of his room! We chased him, I recall Richian dying stuck in a corner. It was very confusing. One of my friends (whose name I will not mention because he will probably be hated and arched) got into the chest room and looted it! I had the prison key and got to magerlin with Jtreveza. Some noob closed the door behind us, I reopened it and my key broke AND IT CLOSED AGAIN! The players fled, thinking grand shaman would come back, I somehow found a secret passage near the door or glitched out which brought me out, behind the iron gates, finally I was able to reclaim my things and everything sort of went back to normal.