Any adventurer spending time in the desert during the day will begin to get thirsty. If not dealt with thirst can be dangerous and even fatal.

Thirst can be completely reset by  consuming a beverage, or slightly reduced by drinking a potion. Thirst also reduces automatically over time.

Another way to deal with thirst is to drink from the desert oasis, which can be found by walking directly northeast from the desert entrance for about 40 seconds.

At the onset of thirst, champions will notice the first warning: "You are getting thirsty." Several more warnings follow over time until health is eventually affected.

Stages of Thirst
Warning Message Health Effects
"You are getting thirsty." No change in health
"You are very thirsty." No change in health
"You are extremely thirsty." No change in health
"You are dying of thirst." Health bar turns yellow-green; hit points begin to decrement

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