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Thieves are low-level mobs that are significantly harder to kill than rogues. They can be found in their own area of the rogue den as well as throughout the maze. Thieves also roam the grassy field, but only at night. The leader of the thieves is the Master Thief, who is found only in the maze.


Thieves commonly spawn with leather shoes, leather caps, and knives. Sometimes, they drop Potions Of Poison. More rarely, they will spawn with daggers.

The thieves roaming the grassy field and in the maze will sometimes drop poison. The thieves in the far right and top left of the rogue den will drop a thief's key.

If a thief manages to kill a player, they will steal all items that drop. The thief must then be killed in order to retrieve the stolen items. Be careful of dropping potions on death; because of their moderate Drinking level of 5, thieves will drink and gag potions, including valuable Potions of Speed, and can be quite dangerous whilst boosted by their effects.

Thieves in the maze generally drop better loot.


  • When a thief is drunk, they will say "Whoa" upon taking damage, instead of the regular "Ugh." When they die while drunk, they say "Oh no! So dark..."
  • Thieves can throw Eggs, like Rogues.

Drop Chances Edit

Leather Shoe
Poison Potion
Leather Cap
Glowing blue ring of warning
Knife Dagger Leather Shoe Potion Of


Leather Cap Ring Of Warning
Common Uncommon Common Maze: Common

Normal: Rare

Common Rare
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