"You will not escape this maze alive."
— The Minotaur

The Maze

The maze is home to ratsthieves, the Master Thief, and the Minotaur. Rats and thieves are found throughout the maze, while the Master Thief is a boss which roams the maze stealthily. There is only one path leading to the Minotaur.

Rats Edit

Rats are the most common enemy in the maze. Their high bite skill and speed can make them a threat for unprepared players. When a rat attacks a player, there is a chance for the player to catch disease.

Master Thief Edit

The Master Thief is a boss that lurks behind the walls of the maze. He is able to hide his name tag which can make him completely undetectable. He runs and attacks at extremely high speeds and will steal items from players to use against them.

Minotaur Edit

The Minotaur lives in a circular arena deep inside the maze. He can charge at the player and deal an extremely large amount of damage upon hit. He can also attack with headbutt attacks and his two axes.

Paths through the Maze Edit

When entering the Maze from the Forest, there are a few paths that the player can take. First, by following the right wall, they will reach the exit to the Desert. By following the left wall, they will reach the east tunnels of the Wolf Caves, but can only enter if they do not carry large equipment.

The third path, which leads to the Minotaur, goes as follows: First, follow the path to the west until it splits into three separate paths. Follow the middle one until the path splits again into two separate path. Take the right-hand path to reach a crossing where you have to proceed by going west. Stick to the left wall until you come across choice of six new paths. Take the third path from the left and proceed until you reach two paths that lead south. Take the left path and continue to go south until you come across a passage that leads to a second path on the left. Go through the passage and continue to go south. Follow the right wall until there is a path to the left. Take this path and stick to the left wall until you reach the Minotaur.

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