The Desert

The desert is a sand dune-covered region than can be reached by traveling along the southeast corridor of the Maze. Here players can find skeletons, rattle snakes, and the Desert Tomb.


This powerful enemy roams the entire desert, sometimes in groups of two or more. They can be found without weapons, although some commonly wield daggers and short swords. Skeletons run slightly slower than players but may have an easier time navigating sand dunes.

Rattle SnakesEdit

Rattle snakes are found throughout the desert as well, slithering across the dunes or coiled and ready to strike. They are easily outrun and can be avoided without much difficulty.


Thirst is a deadly status effect that occurs in the desert during the daytime. At the onset of thirst, players will notice the first warning: "You are getting thirsty." Several more warnings follow over time until health is eventually affected. Thirst can be counteracted by drinking potions. beerstout beer, and absinthe are particularly effective. Players can also drink water from the oasis.



The Oasis

There is an oasis near the northeast corner of the desert, which can be found by walking directly northeast from the desert entrance for about 40 seconds. Drinking water from the oasis will alleviate the effects of thirst. Players can walk into the water, but if they remain with their heads underwater for too long they will begin to take damage due to drowning. Standing in the shade of palm trees at the oasis will protect players from thirst.

Desert TombEdit


Entrance to the Desert Tomb

The desert tomb is a high-level area accessible through a stone door located toward the center of the desert. It is home to SkeletonsSkeleton wolves, Skeleton Rats, the Skeleton boss Skaldor, and his wizards, the Liches.

Christmas Season Edit


The Oasis during the winter.

During the Christmas season on the 25th of December, snow will fall in the desert. The cold season will prevent Rattle Snakes from spawing and will freeze the lake at the oasis. The frozen lake will have ice physics and players will have a hard time controlling their movement while on the lake. If you walk from the snow on the lake, you will slide in the direction you were walking when you entered the lake. It is possible to slightly control you direction by pressing in the desired direction. If you bump into an item that lies on the lake, you will come to a immediate stop and it will take some time to get moving again.

You will also not be affected by thirst during the Christmas season.

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