Taming can be done by using a wand of sleep on most types of mobs, such as :

Bats, Rabbits, and Wolves

Mobs that cannot be tamed are:

Bees, Rats, Rattle Snakes, Vampire Bats, and Werewolves.

To tame a mob a player must equip the wand of sleep and shoot the mob with the projectile emitted. After doing so the mob will fall asleep and the player will be able to pick it up. For the mob to be tamed, it must remain in the inventory for ten real life minutes. Once tamed the mob is dropped and the command 'namepet [name]' is used to give it a name.

When taming wolves you must first catch a Pink Rabbit. Drop this rabbit near a wolf and it will eat it and become tamed. Tame wolves automatically attack other wolves and rabbits. Be careful when taming wolves in packs as they will quickly be killed by the other wolves after taming. Wolves and White Wolves cannot enter guild vaults.

When taming the White Wolf it is better to hit it with the Wand of Sleep and take care of its pack first.

You can also run from the pack, and let the white wolf chase you alone. Then you drop the pink rabbit. GOOD LUCK!

  • Pink Rabbit
  • Sleeping Pink Rabbit
  • Sleeping Pink Rabbit In Inventory
  • Named Pet!