At Aberoth, there are no stairs. But players use a technique for climbing, which is done like this:

First, get some cheap stuff, like a knife or a stick. Then drop it on the ground using the "bb" command to build it more easily, then walk toward the object you dropped and drop another, and so build the ladder.

Player doing three ladders using knives.

Good ways to make stairs:

1- A good way to make stairs is with several ropes and lots of space in the inventory.

2- You can gain items for the ladder by killing rogues and orcs.

3- Use a large sack to fit more Ropes and Leather Straps

4- The climbing ability of a player is 3 pixels high, at most.

5- Stairs can be any size.

6- You can use the stairs to climb in high places, such as the castle tower, for example.


The photo player climbed into the castle using knives.

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