Note: Observations here are purely speculative for now and should not be considered fact.


The orb room suggests that there may be a relationship with Aberoth and its solar system. There are 8 orbs, representing the common realms, that rotate around a central light.  There is also a shadow orb, not representing a common realm.

Orbs Edit

The orbs rotate around the candle in a counterclockwise as well as clockwise motion. They do not rotate at a constant speed, instead their speed oscillates around a fixed value that gives them a counterclockwise or 'forwards' bias. During their oscillation, the orbs can even sometimes go clockwise or 'backwards' around the candle.

Shadow OrbEdit

The shadow orb appears to complete one rotation around the candle in about 27 Aberoth days, which is suspiciously close to the length of time the Moon takes to rotate around the Earth and the length of a complete moon cycle in Aberoth. The Shadow orb is also the only orb that is intangible.

Realm OrbsEdit

Current estimates on the amount of time it takes an orb to rotate and radius, will update this as more data is collected.

Realm Full Rotation Time (*) Radius
White 367.564 Aberoth Days 17.3 px
Black 388.326 Aberoth Days 25.6 px
Green 289.367 Aberoth Days 33.8 px
Red 512.429 Aberoth Days 41.2px
Purple 2087.462 Aberoth Days 49.5 px
Yellow 3582.830 Aberoth Days 57.5 px
Cyan 8933.018 Aberoth Days 65.4 px
Blue (**) 73.8 px

(*) Values are calculated from the average speed taken over a period of 12 days.

(**) The blue orb was moving backwards during the time of the measurement, with a speed of 0.02 degrees per Aberoth day.

Considering the system has 8 planets, the colors somewhat line up with the orbs when sorted by distance from the center.

Mercury is white, Mars is red, Saturn is brown, Uranus is teal and Neptune is blue.  The Earth has a substantial amount of green, but Venus and Jupiter would not be considered black and purple respectively.

Effecting on Scrolls Edit

Orb interrupt-0

The glow of the black and yellow orbs is interrupted by the shadow orb moving in front of the blue orb

There are three phenomena that can occur in the orb room:  

  1. Alignment (Glow): When two or more realm orbs have the same angle, or if their angles differ by by 180°, they are considered aligned and will glow.  
  2. Alignment (Dim): When one or more realm orbs are aligned with the shadow orb, they will go dim.  
  3. Interrupts: Interrupts occur in the rare case when a glow alignment and a dim alignment are happening simultaneously. In this case, every realm orb that is part of any of the alignments will go dim, resulting in a large number of dim orbs at once.  

It is important to note that the orbs are floating, which means that you have to align the shadows cast by the orbs with the bottom of the central candle to test alignment. It is a mistake to test alignment by checking if the orbs themselves are in line with any part of the candle.  

Assuming this is correct and based on initial data, it would suggest that White, Black and Green are the most likely scrolls to glow with others since the traverse their rotation the quickest.  It would also suggest that when they align, each glow would last for a shorter duration.  Since blue, cyan and yellow move at such a slow rate, one could assume that these scrolls glowing together would be rather rare, but would last for a very long time.


A massive interrupt taking place at around midnight UTC on June 14. 2017

Trivia Edit

  • The earliest and probably also biggest documented interrupt was caugh by Aberoth player Skillet in one of his blog posts.

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