Skeletons are fast and powerful NPCs that live in the desert and the desert tomb. They drop human hip bones and bone fragments which Lysis can craft into bone skin potions. Their speed is comparable to that of a wolf - running zero to two pixels slower than a player over a set distance. While outrunning them is possible, things to be aware of is that it's possible to get snagged on a tall sand dune, therefore quickly erasing any distance gains, and that if a skeleton catches up to melee it will not be possible to escape before it gets a few swings in. Drinking a potion of speed will allow for immediate escape velocity.

Stats Edit

Skeletons, skeleton wolves, and Skaldor are the only undead mobs in the game which makes them the only mobs susceptible to the undead damage bonus given by the blunt skill. They also have 50% resistance against sharp weapons making the blunt skill and corresponding weapons the best means of destroying these foes.

Skeletons have a life skill of 28 since the health bars no longer show once the player's life level is 34 or higher.

Skeletons have a 100% resistance to critical hits, poison, fatigue, confuse, fear, charm, disease and sleep.

Skeletons have a shield skill of at least 5 as they are able to wield the spiked shield in combat without dropping it.

Skeletons have a blunt skill of at least 20 as they are able to wield the Morning Star of Drain Life.

Trivia Edit

  • Interestingly enough, they are also able to get solid hits with just their fists, suggesting that they have a base accuracy bonus to all of their attacks like the bonus an accuracy glove gives.
  • If a Skeleton is carrying certain items belonging to a player, such as a ring, a (rattle, rattle) will appear above their heads. This was shown by Wizard on this blog post.
  • If Skeletons attempt to drink potions, a (trickle, trickle) will appear above their heads.
  • Skeletons inflict a very high damage to player even with 40-50+ defense and have again high life skill that helps skeletons inflict tons of damage before dying.

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