Skaldor is a skeleton boss in the Desert Tomb. He appears as a normal skeleton except for the fact that he has red eyes. He spawns with a daggershort swordlong sword or silver dagger (possibly moved to Lich...)and is capable of dealing 50+ damage with just 1 attack. Due to being able to use a silver dagger, Skaldor might have a dagger skill of at least 30. Skaldor spawns with 6 normal skeletons and 3 skeleton wolves. He has the ability to cast fear without the use of the scroll. (If his eyes appear as a deep glowing red, it will happen) He is also capable of using a shield of terror, meaning he has a shield skill of at least level 35. Skaldor is the second hardest boss to kill after lich. You will see that he has a really high life skill and defense and he is pretty challenging even against high level players.


Every friendly NPC around Aberoth has something to say about Skaldor and his past.

"Skaldor's tale reminds us to appreciate what we have."
"All that wealth and power! One would think it would be enough."
"Skaldor was born a pauper, but was the wealthiest human who ever lived at the time of his death."
"Skaldor always traveled with his three loyal wolves."
"Skaldor trusted his wolves more than human bodyguards."
"Skaldor's bloodthirsty wolves killed hundreds of his enemies."
"Legend has it Skaldor was a great king, thousands of years ago."
"That was before my time."
"Skaldor ruled a tremendous empire. His insatiable lust for power was his undoing."
"Little remains of what was once the largest empire in the land."
"Skaldor was not satisfied with his great riches. He began to seek otherworldly power."
"Only Skaldor's tomb remains."
"I hear that Skaldor's tomb is buried in the desert dunes, beyond the maze."
"Skaldor built a grand tomb for himself at the peak of his power."
"After Skaldor was killed and buried, his foes cursed his tomb so that his suffering would never end."
"Skaldor's foes are not of this world."
"In death, Skaldor defends the last remnants of his empire. He will never know peace."
"Gurun hear of tall and powerful skeleton hidden behind door in desert."
"Gurun see door in sand dune one day. Gurun think it is best to leave door closed."
"Skaldor? Ha! A hundred years from now, people will speak of the great Darklow, and forget all about Skaldor."
"Skaldor's tomb is a great temptation for thieves everywhere. Many go, few return."


Upon DeathEdit


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