Shield of the Mind
Shield of the Mind

Attack 5
Defense 18
Skill Shield
Skill Level 30
Range 2
Special Resistant to sharp weapons, confuse, and sleep.
Rarity Very Rare
Crafting Materials Bone Shield x1, Sapphire x2
Crafter Darklow
Buy Price 44005
The Shield of the Mind is a high-level shield crafted by giving a Bone Shield and a pair of Sapphires to Darklow. To guarantee successful use of the shield, a Shield Skill of level 30 is required.

When confusion is resisted, the message "You feel slightly disoriented." will appear, and (shake) will appear under the player's name. 


  • 18 defense
  • 40% resist to confusion and both forms of sleep (effectively just 24% additional resistance to deep sleep on human users) 
  • 15% resistance to sharp weapons
  • 30 shield levels needed to use it