Shield of Terror
Shield of Terror

Attack 5
Defense 20
Skill Shield
Skill Level 35
Range 2
Special Resistant to sharp weapons, critical hits, and fear. Also has a chance of inflicting fear on attackers.
Rarity Very Rare
Crafting Materials Bone Shield x1, Ruby x2
Crafter Darklow
Buy Price 82500

This shield is one of four craftable bone shield variants. It can be crafted by giving a bone shield and a pair of rubies to Darklow. To guarantee successful use of the shield, a Shield Skill of level 35 is required.


  • 20 defense
  • 20% sharp weapons resistance
  • 50% reductions to critical attacks
  • 75% resistance to fear
  • Chance to inflict fear on attackers (chances are slightly lower than the chances to drain from Morning Star of Drain Life). When it inflicts fear, the rubies on it will briefly begin to glow.