This skill is attainable as a reward from Sholop after finishing the White Wolf quest. 25 gold is required per level to refocus it. It gives the player up to a certain percent chance to block attacks (no damage is taken, and a (+) can be seen above the character). The percent chance increases by 1 with each level. It works with any shield against any mob.

The chance to block is based on where you are attacked from. For example, if your skill level is 10, you only get the full 10% bonus when being attacked on your shield side. The chance is lowered when being attacked from any other side.

Skill RequirementsEdit

Note: It is possible to wield these shields before the required level, but there is a chance of dropping the shield on hit. The required level is the level at which the '!' next to the item disappears. The message "This (shieldname) feels [very] uncomfortable in your hand." also dissapears.

Shield Required Level
Wooden Shield --
Shield of the Bee --
Spiked Shield 10
Bone Shield 20
Shield of Purification 20
Shield of the Oasis 25
Shield of the Mind 30
Shield of Terror 35