"Grolops im baloror tat!"
"My disciples will avenge me!"
— The Shaman

The Shaman is a higher level mob that can be found inside the Orc Cave. A single Shaman spawns in each of three Shaman rooms in the Orc Cave. Three additional Shamans spawn in the Grand Shaman chamber. Each Shaman is surrounded by three Disciples, making them a more challenging enemy to reach.

When low on health, a Shaman may use a Scroll of Teleportation to escape to another part of the Orc Cave.

Upon death, a Shaman may drop a Shaman's Key unique to its room. Three different keys are needed to open the doors leading to the Grand Shaman's lair

Once disturbed, a Shaman and his Disciples will follow a player around the cave relentlessly. The Shaman and his Disciples will retreat only if the player moves to another zone, like the Stony FieldDarklow's shop, the Master Alchemist area, or the Grand Shaman area. After a short while, they will return to their original room.

Players are required to kill 20 Shamans in one of Magerlin's quests to obtain the Magic skill.


A Shaman can spawn with any of the following items:



Trivia Edit

  • Shamans used to be called 'Orc Shamans' before an update.
  • When under the effect of the Potion of Comprehension, Shamans say "Ouch!" when hurt and "My disciples will avenge me!" when dying.
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