Seasonal Items are a special kind of item in Aberoth which can only be obtained at a certain time of year. Currently, the only time of year at which unique seasonal items can be obtained is on Christmas, on the 25th Of December.

Snowballs Edit

Snowballs can be obtained on Christmas by simply clicking on fallen snow. They can be held as weapons and thrown. They deal one damage. If placed on the floor, they will eventually melt.

Large Snowballs Edit

Large Snowballs are crafted by Sholop with ten Snowballs. They cannot be thrown, and will not melt if left on the floor.

Festive Hats Edit

Festive hats are obtainable only by members on Christmas. To get them, the player must say 'Burglary' to Tavelor.

Hot Chocolate Edit

Hot Chocolate is free from Tavelor's tavern, only obtainable on Christmas. They add 50 healing points to the bind wounds skill.

Gingerbread Cookies Edit

Gingerbread cookies are members-only items. They are obtained from Tavelor on Christmas, after saying 'Cookie' to him. It is currently unknown what the use of them is.

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