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  • Scroll of Potency in the Inventory

The Scroll Of Potency is a tier 4 transmutation scroll. The scroll reads "Duplicis".

Upon cast, the scroll will amplify the affects of the scroll used afterwards.

Magic Skill level of 29 is required to use it.


Item used after Potency Changes to Effect
Scroll of Burning Embers Three embers fire behind the caster as well.
Scroll of Fireblast

Shoots double the amount of embers around caster.

Scroll of Confusion (??) appears above the enemy's head, and their vision is also blurred similar to drunkenness.
Other transmutation scrolls

No added effect since Scroll of Potency is of the same school.

Scroll of Summon Wolf

Spawns twice as many wolves

Scroll of Bat Summoning

Spawns twice as many bats

Scroll of Acid Cloud

The enemy is blinded for short intervals while in the cloud

Scroll of Silence (~~) appears above the enemy's head


  • This is one of the scrolls that was deliberately revealed earlier than its release date by Tavelor with the Gurun command.

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