• A scroll of item recall in the inventory.
  • A glowing scroll of item recall.
The scroll of item recall is a tier 2 transmutation scroll that may be obtained through Magerlin's firewood quest as well from Skaldor's chest. The scroll reads "Revoco res".

It teleports engraved items back to the owner from a distance, even when another player is holding them. Item recall works in vaults, but there is a warning before using the scroll in your own vault. For personal vaults, guild items are only recalled if the player is in their own vault, or the vault of someone who is not in their guild. In guild vaults, only the guild leader may recall guild engraved items.

Magic Skill level of 13 is required to use it.

Lysis buys this scroll for 85 gold and sells it for 400 gold, while Darklow buys them for 68 gold and sells them for 445 gold.

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