• A scroll of harmony as seen in the inventory
  • A scroll of harmony on the ground
The scroll of harmony is a tier 4 enchantment scroll that drops from Skaldor's chest and Plague rat's nest. It reads "Amicitia".

When used, the user and nearby enemies become friendly, with a light green name. Enemies will stop attacking friendly players and behave as if nobody is around. Players can still go unfriendly in order to fight charmed enemies. The duration of this effect is 1-2 minutes.

Wanted players will be affected by the scroll of harmony. But they will remain wanted.

Magic Skill level of 27 is required to use it.

This scroll was previously named scroll of charm, but was changed (February 20, 2015) with the introduction of unrelated charms.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only enchantment scroll that has a positive effect.
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