• Scroll of Drain Life in the inventory.
  • Scroll of Drain Life on the ground.
  • Glowing Scroll of Drain Life.
  • Dark Scroll of Drain Life.
The scroll of drain life is a tier 2 necromancy scroll and one of the scrolls thay may drop after completing the firewood quest from Magerlin and from the Grand Shaman's chest. The scroll reads "Vita epoto".

When used, the message "Your hands wither." appears. The next time an enemy is hit for a certain amount of damage, that same amount is regenerated in the user. This effect is also applied if an ember is used to hit the target. Any damage done with a drain effect will appear as gray text as opposed to red. When the effect is used or wears off, the message "Your hands feel normal again." is displayed.

Magic Skill level of 12 is required to use it.

Lysis buys them for 85 gold and sell them for 400 gold, while Darklow buys the scroll for 65 gold and sells them for 417 gold.

Interestingly enough, it is possible to get a drain with a Morning Star of Drain Life and this scroll in the same attack, causing two drain attacks in a single hit.

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