• Scroll of Detect Metal on the ground.
  • Scroll of Detect Metal in a player's inventory.
  • Scroll of Detect Metal in the "dark" stage.
  • Scroll of Detect Metal - Glowing
The scroll of detect metal is a a tier 1 divination scroll that drops from the Disciple and Shaman, and the Grand Shaman's chest. The words on the scroll read "Perceptus metallum".

The main purpose of this scroll is to help you find items or gold pieces that are obscured by the enviroment.

When the scroll is used the screen turns black for approximetly 10 seconds. The only thing that is visible on the screen are the metal parts of items and gold (see below).

Lysis buys the scroll for 26 gold pieces and sells it for 100 gold pieces.

  • A selection of items on the ground before using the Scroll
  • After using the scroll iron items hidden behind the trees can now been seen.
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