• Scroll of Detect Person in the inventory.
  • Scroll of Detect Person on the ground.
The scroll of detect creature is a tier 2 divination scroll that is attainable by completing the Magerlin's firewood quest. The words on the scroll read "Inquiro"

To use it, the player must first speak the name of the player, creature or boss they wish to find. Once the scroll is used, a message informs the user what region the said entity is in. If the entity and the caster are in the same region, it will display information on the relative position to the caster instead. If the requested player is not currently online, the message will read '<playername> has camped out'. If the caster requests a creature that is currently dead, the caster will receive the message that the NPC is 'all dead'. When used against a player, the message "the hair on the back of your neck" appears on their screen, depending on if they are in the same zone as the caster. 

Magic Skill level of 9 is required to use it.

Lysis buys them for 68 gold and sell them for 300 gold, while Darklow buys the scroll for 58 gold and sells them for 362 gold.

Trivia Edit

  • This Scroll Previously Used To Be Known As The Scroll Of Detect Person Before An Update On February 10th, 2017. "- The "detect person" scroll has been changed to "detect creature", and can now detect any creature, not just players and bosses."
  • If the player tries to detect a defeated NPC which is undead, the message will read 'completely destroyed' instead of 'all dead'.
  • Trying to detect an NPC which can not exist at the time of casting (like the Werewolf during daytime) the creature will be 'missing'.
  • If the player tries to detect Wodon during nights of a full moon, he will invision him 'in a very dark place'...
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