• Confusion Scroll on the Ground
  • Confusion Scroll in a Player's Inventory
The scroll of confusion is a tier 2 enchantment Scroll that is a rare drop from the Grand Shaman's chest and a common drop from Skaldor's chest. It is also a reward for completing Magerlin's normal and firewood quest

It reads "Confundo" and a (?) can be seen under a confused character's name.

When used, enemies are unable to move around as they wish. When a player is confused, the direction they walk in does not correspond to the key they are pressing. Trying to use a sleep command such as "afk" or "sleep" while confused will result in the message "You are too confused to sleep." being displayed instead of going to sleep.

Magic Skill level of 11 is required to use it.

Lysis buys them for 77 gold and sells them for 350 gold.

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