• A scroll of concealment in the inventory.
  • A scroll of concealment on the ground.
The scroll of concealment is a tier 2 illusion scroll that drops from Skaldor's chest, the lich's coffins, and is also a reward from Magerlin's firewood quest. The scroll reads "Abdo amicus".

When used, the user and nearby friendly allied players touching the caster become invisible and are able to see the shadows and names of other invisible players. The affected players are also labeled as invisible creatures and can be attacked by other players, friendly or not. The duration is comparable to the potion of invisibility, if not slightly longer. This spell has a very small range. Only players practically touching the caster will receive the effect.

The scroll of concealment gives slightly more defense than the invisibility potion.

Magic Skill level of 16 is required to use it.

Lysis buys them for 96 gold and sells them for 475 gold.

Trivia Edit

  • Before April 21st 2017, the scroll worked on any friendly players near the caster, but it was changed to allies only, most likely due to the excessive amount of players using them to kill other players.
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