• Scroll of Blinding Light in player's inventory.

The Scroll of Blinding Light is a tier 3 illusion scroll.

Players affected by the scroll will be blinded, a black screen with only the hud visible similar to a Scroll of Detect Metal. It reads "Exoculo" and blinded players will have a (*) appear below their name.

Blindness can be countered by drinking a Potion of Cure.

Players can still see speech, and see the amount of damage being dealt. A blinded player will only see the healthbars of "Invisible Creature" when attacking.

Drinking a Potion of Perception will allow you to see names and therefore remove the ability to attack "Invisible Creature".

Due to the inability to see, a player will not be able to read their scrolls while blinded.

Magic Skill level of 24 is required to use it.

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