RogueDen Edit

The Rogue Den is an area located on the northwestern corner of the Grassy Field. Here, players will encounter Rogues, Thieves, and the Rogue boss Ratingar.

It should come as no surprise that Rogues can be found throughout this area. For this reason, the Rogue Den is the go-to location for completing Inala's third quest, which requires players to kill 15 Rogues.


Thieves are spread throughout this area, too, although they are much lower in number than Rogues.

When a Thief is killed, there is a chance they will drop a Thief's Key. This key is used to unlock the door to the Thieves area, an isolated section near the entrance of the Rogue Den inhabited only by Thieves. It can be difficult for new players to survive in the Thieves area as Thieves are more difficult to kill than Rogues and are known to gang attack in constricted spaces. However, the Thieves area can prove useful for players on Inala's quest to kill 20 Thieves.

The Thieves area contains the Rogue Den's only three secret passages.


Ratingar can be found by heading north from the entrance to the Rogue Den. The door to his chamber is often guarded by at least one Rogue and will not open until the guardian is killed. Once inside his chamber, players will find that Ratingar himself is guarded by additional Rogues. One or two Rogues will be wandering in or near the entrance tunnel, and two more will attack the player along with Ratingar.

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