Aberoth rogues

A group of rogues guarding the entrance to their lair

Rogues are ordinary humans who have turned against or been rejected by society. They are the first hostile NPCs that champions of Aberoth will be forced to fight. Rogues can be found in the western half of the grassy field and inside the rogue den. They have the base stats of 1 defense, 1 attack, and 15 hit points. They are also slightly trained in the dagger skill. Rogues only attack with their main hand. They are a bit slower than players. Rogues respawn in about 5 minutes.


Rogues drop many of the lowest level items, including leather shoes, knives, hatchets, and leather caps. They can also rarely drop ropes.


Rogues are very easy foes, but they can still be deadly to the unprepared. It is recommended that new players have the life skill and a weapon before trying to fight rogues. Because they are slower than players and don't attack that often it is possible to kite (hit and run) rogues without taking any damage. To perform this technique, stay just out of a rogue's range and wait for him to attack. After he attacks, hit him once or twice and run back out of his range before he attacks again. Repeat this process until the rogue is dead.


Rogues were the first real threat to face the people of Aberoth. Led by
Aberoth rogues3

A rogue lying in wait outside the locked door

Ratingar, they menaced the population of the town, causing the various NPCs to take action. Inala started a rogue resistance, Sholop opened up a shop, and Gomald started a bank. While they are pests, rogues seem to be unrelated to the true threats facing the world of Aberoth.


  • When a rogue is drunk, they will say "Whoa" upon damage instead of the regular "Ugh". When a rogue dies while drunk, they say "You can't hurt me... uh oh..."
  • Rogues seem to have inventory space of three, one less than a player without any bags equipped.
  • Rogues can throw eggs at players.

Drop Chance Edit

Leather Cap
Leather Shoe
Knife Leather Cap Leather Boot Dagger Hatchet
Common Uncommon Uncommon Rare Uncommon

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