Tavelor shares a player's reputation

A player's reputation represents the sentiment other players have for them. Reputation doesn't affect gameplay in any way. Only members have the ability to affect the reputation of a player by either commending or condemning them.

The ability to access the arcane realm of life is affected by a player's reputation.

Reputation ScaleEdit

A player's reputation is based on how many commendations or condemnations they have received from members. If a player has received more commendations than condemnations, they will have a more positive reputation. Likewise, if they have been condemned more often than they have been commended, their reputation will more negative.

Each player must receive at least three commendations or condemnations before they have a known reputation.

The following shows the full scale of reputations:

Reputation Scale

Viewing a Player's ReputationEdit

To view a player's reputation, speak their name in conversation with Tavelor. He will share it with you. If the player is a member who has a philosophy, Tavelor will share it as well.

If the player hasn't received three or more commendations or condemnations, the player's reputation will be unknown to Tavelor.

If a player has a name that usually triggers a regular response from Tavelor (like Hello, for example), use the command champion <player name> to view their reputation.

Commending or Condemning a PlayerEdit

Each member may commend and condemn a maximum of 25 players at one time. These commendations and condemnations can be rescinded as needed.

Use the following commands to affect a player's reputation:

Command Action
commend <player name> Cast a vote of commendation for a player.
uncommend <player name> Rescind a vote of commendation for a player.
condemn <player name> Cast a vote of condemnation against a player.
uncondemn <player name> Rescind a vote of condemnation against a player.

After commending a player, the total number of commendations made will be displayed along with the names of all the players you have commended. You will see a similar display when condemning a player. These totals can be displayed at any time by using the commands commend and condemn without a player's name.

A new update on the 21st of April 2017 has come out. Players who have membership can now condemn of commend people PLUS adding info for why you condemn/commend them. Here's is the description :

Players may now record a private note for anyone they commend or condemn. For example, you could say 'commend Name He gave me a free shield.' or 'condemn Name She scammed me'. To see the notes you have made, use the command 'commendnotes' or 'condemnnotes'. These commands will list all players in order of when they were commended or condemned (oldest to newest) along with any note you made. Only you can see your notes. You may change a note by issuing the commend or condemn command again.


commend (Name) + reason ( because he helped me kill gram for last magic quest etc. )

Accessing the Arcane Realm of LifeEdit

The arcane realm of life can be accessed only by players with a reputation of fair, good, excellent, or unknown. Players whose reputation falls below fair while in the arcane realm of life will be sent back to their home realm the next time they die, or after their next long logout.