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These are the various regions of Aberoth ranked according to the suggested level of experience.

Starting AreaEdit

This region includes the cliff-side orcish prison, the starting field, and the bat cave. It is relatively devoid of players as there is not much reason to go there.

Starting Field Edit

The starting field is the location seen in the starting area after jumping out of the cliff-side prison. It is home to rabbits and bees. The starting field leads to two places, the bat cave and the town.


This area serves as a central hub for players to trade, chat, manage their loot, and be generally unproductive. It is also where the majority of the NPCs can be found. This area is completely safe from enemies, but other players can still attack you.

Bat Cave Edit

The entrance to the bat cave can be found in the southwestern corner of the starting field. It is inhabited by bats, and they will spawn there even during the day. It is a good place for new players to learn to fight, as bats are aggressive but very weak. The bat cave also hides a secret...

Grassy Field Edit

Found just outside of town, the Grassy Field is the first real training area for new players. It is still relatively safe, but rogues and thieves to the west can be dangerous for new players.

Rogue DenEdit

The entrance to the rogue den is to the west of town. Rogues and thieves find their home here, defending their leader, Ratingar. This is the first place where careless new players may run into serious trouble.

Thieves Area Edit

Lots of thieves call this area home, it has many hidden passages. You need the thieves key to enter.

The ForestEdit

The forest can be found to the east of the grassy field. Dangerous wolves roam between the densely packed trees. New players must be well prepared before they can venture into the forest. Luckily, the penalty for death is low since wolves will not pick up any gear on death. In the very heart of the forest live the hidden satyrs. These foes should be avoided at all costs by inexperienced champions.

Wolf CavesEdit

The wolf caves are accessible by many areas in Aberoth, inlcuding the forest, the maze, the bat cave in the starting area, and the tavern. Players must be small enough to enter.

Stony FieldEdit

This region can be found to the southwest of the grassy field. Players must pass through the stony field in order to enter the orc cave, often encountering several camps of orcs that lie in wait.

Orc CaveEdit

The entrance to this cave is in the western side of the stony field, and great dangers can be found inside. The master alchemist, shaman, disciples and Ourik, king of the orcs, wait for daring players. Toughest of all is the Grand Shaman.

The MazeEdit

This is an extremely dangerous location in Aberoth. The entrance to the maze is locked up tight and Wodon will only give keys to adventurers who have proven their worth. With deadly disease, skilled thieves, and the dreaded Minotaur, nobody is safe in this winding labyrinth. Even the most powerful adventurers must be well prepared before attempting to explore the maze.

The DesertEdit

This sand dune-covered area can be reached by traveling along the southeast corridor of the maze. Players venturing into the desert can expect to encounter skeletons and rattle snakes that inhabit this region. They should be prepared with potions or beer to counteract deadly thirst during the daytime.

Desert TombEdit

The entrance to this deadly area can be found in the desert, which requires a Skeleton Key to be opened. The desert tomb contains Skeletons, Skeleton Wolves, and Skaldor the undead king, as well as the Crypt, inhabited by Skeleton Rats and the Lich, Skaldor's undead sorcerer. Enter at your own risk...

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