The Realm Update was an update on August 2, 2015, was an update that added the realm-changing area and realms. It also tweaked a few other things.

Changes Edit

- Added a new small zone. This zone may be used by players to change realms. Members can change realms more easily than non-members, but there is also a way for non-members to switch realms. - Tripled Darklow's unengraving time. - Engraved items can no longer be taken to a different realm, except by the owner. Now, if you lose an engraved item, it will stay in the realm you lost it in (unless it is unengraved). - Shopkeepers now do not allow wanted or infamous people into their shops. Lysis and Wodon no longer allow unfriendlies into their homes. - Added an additional impairment once a player has doubled their infamy kill allotment. - The built in trading system no longer supports trades of engraved items. - If killed when unfriendly (and not infamous), you now respawn friendly. This will help noobies who try unfriendly and get stuck on it. - Doubled the amount of time scrolls stay dark. This only applies to the length of time the school of magic stays dark. The dark time between casts did not change. - Made rogues and thieves spawn slightly faster. - Fixed problem where Grand Shaman could teleport into his own treasure room. - Fixed a problem when authenticating with Steam. - Fixed a problem that would crash the server every once in a while.

From The Updates Page.

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