"You are not welcome here!"
— Ratingar

Ratingar is the king of the rogues. The story goes that he once was an apprentice of Sholop's. He then joined the rogues and became their king. He is the first boss that players are tasked with killing during Inala's quests. Experienced players will have no trouble defeating him, but less seasoned players should watch out as he is accompanied by 2 to 4 rogues.

He appears to have knowledge in the Shield Skill, but the exact skill level is unknown.

Ratingar appears to respawn 8 minutes after death.

A guide for killing Ratingar can be found Here.



When Ratingar becomes drunk, he will give different initiation messages and death messages. 


Ratingar's proclamation of love immortalized.

At level 1,he says "Go away or you'll regret it" for his initiation message. At level 2-5he says "Thish ish my housh, go away! (hic)" for his initiation message. At level 1-4, he says "Peace at last" when he dies. At level 5 he says "I love you Inala" when he dies, suggesting there is some history between them. At level 6, he passes out just like a player would, and doesn't say anything.
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