Quests can be received from many NPC's. Upon completing a quest you will be granted a reward and a varying amount of experience. Upon completing a series of quests you can be given a skill, such as Blunt, Shield, Bind Wounds, Dagger, Axe, and Drinking.

Quests can be received from the following NPC's:

  1. Magerlin (Magic skill)
  2. Inala (Bind Wounds skill)
  3. Gurun (Blunt skill)
  4. Darklow (Dagger skill)
  5. Sholop (Shield skill)
  6. Wodon (Axe skill)
  7. Tavelor (Drinking Skill)

To check your quests, type quests. To turn in a quest or receive a new one, you must type quest near the desired NPC.