• A potion of speed in a player's inventory
  • A potion of speed on the ground

The potion of speed is a useful tactical tool. It sometimes drops from orc alchemists and Ourik's chest. The potion of speed required a drinking level of 7 to guarantee success.

On consumption, the potion will increase the player's run speed for 35 to 45 seconds (before applying the drinking level duration bonus) and grant 100% resistance against fatigue. Because all players run the same speed, this potion is incredibly useful for both chasing down and running away from players. It is also useful for running away from dangerous battles with NPCs, delivering fresh Beers, Stout Beers and Absinthes to Darklow for his quests, or catching the white wolf when it runs away.

Potions of speed are also used by Lysis to craft potions of charging.

Lysis will buy potions of speed for 20 gold and sell them for 75.

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