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  • A potion of rage in a player's inventory
  • A potion of rage on the ground
  • A player under the influence of a potion of rage

The potion of rage is an offensive potion. It sometimes drops from orc alchemists, Master Alchemists and Ourik's chest. It can also be crafted by Lysis from a White Wolf Pelt. The potion increases attack in both hands by 2 as well as attack speed but decreases defense by 5. The potion will also prevent the drinker from being slept by satyrs with pan pipes or players with wands of sleep. It also turns the drinker's face red and causes him or her to speak in ALL CAPS. Players attempting to play the pan pipes in human form will produce a "noisy tune" while under the influence of the potion. The potion lasts for about 20 to 40 seconds (before applying the skill bonus) and requires a drinking skill of 11 to guarantee success. Lysis buys potions of rage for 45 gold and sells them for 175.


  • Light Sleep: 100%
  • Heavy Sleep: 100%
  • Silence: 50%
  • Fear: 50%

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