• A Potion of Poison in a player's inventory
  • A Potion of Poison on the ground
A Potion of Poison is an item that is applied to player's weapon and has a chance to afflict any NPC or fellow player with the poison effect when attacked. 2 poison potions can be held by the Poison Flask.

Potions of Poison are dropped by thieves inside the Maze as well as thieves that can be found in the Grassy Field at night. Unlike most potions, the potion of poison does not require any drinking level to use, as it is applied to a weapon rather than drunk.

To use it, click the poison in your inventory and it will be applied to the weapon in your primary hand. To afflict an enemy with the poison effect, you must attack them. A regular hit has a chance of poisoning, while a direct hit (square brackets) or critical hit (curly braces) is guaranteed to poison. A poisoned weapon can only inflict the effect once before it must be reapplied.

If a player becomes poisoned, their health bar will turn green and they will periodically take damage. Poison damage disregards defense, making it very useful against targets with high defense. After a short time, the poison will wear off, signified by the health bar turning back to red. Because it often only requires one hit, poison is useful for pvp, where it may be difficult to hit a player who is rapidly moving.

The poison status effect can be cleared with a potion of cure.

The Potion of Poison can be crafted by giving two Snake Fangs to Lysis. She will also buy the potions for 26 coins, and sell potions supplied by players for 100.

As of the 11th of October, poison can no longer be used in friendly duels. This means even if a player coats his weapon with poison in a duel, it will not affect the opponent of the duel. The poison will be used after the duel.

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