• Potion of Perception on the ground
  • Potion of Perception in a player's Inventory

A Potion of Perception is made by Lysis when she has access to two Bat Ears. The potion of perception requires a drinking level of 8 to guarantee success. 

This potion makes names appear twice as far away, gives blue bee, pink rabbit, vampire bats and plague rat visible names prior to attack, makes speech appear twice as far away, gives a faint transparent shadow to players affected by a Potion of Invisibility, and also allows players to see the health bars of mobs who would normally not have one visible. It also provides 20% resistance to the confuse spell while the potion is in effect.

The effect lasts for about 5 minutes.

Bats have this effect as a natural ability.

Lysis buys Potions of Perception for 26 Gold and sells them for 100 Gold. Darklow buys them for 21 Gold and sells them for 115 Gold.

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