• A potion of invisibility in a player's inventory
  • A potion of invisibility on the ground

The potion of invisibility is a versatile tactical item. It is sometimes dropped by orc alchemists or found in Ourik's chest. 12 of them are required for Magerlin's third quest to get the magic skill. A drinking level of 9 is required to guarantee success.

On consumption of the potion the player will turn invisible for 1 to 2 minutes (before applying the drinking skill duration bonus). NPCs do not notice invisible players unless the player attacks them or the NPC has already seen them. This can be useful for singling out NPCs that normally attack together, like the orc shaman and his disciples. It is also useful for evading NPCs that the player does not wish to fight.

Invisibility does not hide any gear on the player except for the belt. It will also hide the drinker's name from other players. Invisible players can always be attacked by other players, even if they are both friendly and allied. The potion of invisibility also increases defense by 5 for its duration.

Lysis buys potions of invisibility for 32 gold and sells them for 125.

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