• A potion of charging on the ground.
  • A potion of charging in the inventory.

A Potion of Charging is crafted by Lysis when she has a Potion of Speed and a Minotaur Hoof. A drinking skill of level 16 is required to guarantee successful consumption.

Drinking this potion will cause the player to charge (like the Minotaur) in the direction they are facing. The player will charge until they run into a wall, enemy, or another player. Pressing a key to move in any direction will cancel the charge as well.

When stopped, the user will deal a critical hit (if the user is unfriendly, or if they run into an enemy or a player who is unfriendly/whom they are dueling).

Lysis sells Potions of Charging for 275 gold pieces and buys them for 64 gold pieces.

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