• A polymorph potion in the inventory.
  • A polymorph potion on the ground.
  • A player polymorphed into a wolf.
  • A morph makes use of his school focus.

Potion of Polymorph is a high level potion, which drops from the Master Alchemist. It can morph you into almost any non-human monster, such as the White Wolf, the Satyr Elder, even the Minotaur. You can not morph into something such as a Rogue or the Master Thief. It requires a level 18 drinking skill to successfully drink with no chance of failure. It will also last for two hours in real time (Before applying drinking skill bonus) or until your health reaches 0, making it potentially very useful.

Lysis will sell polymorph potions for 325 gold and buy them for 73 gold, while Darklow will sell them for 362 gold and buy them for 58 gold. Note that Lysis and Darklow do not stock this potion and will only sell them if another player has dropped this potion in their shop.

As of August 30, 2013, players are able to permanently gain experience in their polymorphed forms. For example, using the Bite skill as a White Wolf will give experience to your White Wolf form, which you will still have the next time you polymorph into a White Wolf. However, leveling up the bite skill as a White Wolf will not level it up for regular wolves or rats. Certain forms, such as bees, are unable to gain experience because they don't have any usable skills, and are unable to deal damage to enemies.

As of May 16, 2016, it is no longer possible to drink potions of polymorph immediately. Instead, the player must click 4 times on the potion to drink it. After every click except the last one an appropriate message will appear:

  1. You cautiously consider drinking the potion of polymorph...
  2. You grasp the flask firmly...
  3. You raise the potion to your lips...

Note that moving your character or attacking will require you to start over.

You can switch focus between skills that your polymorphed form knows if you're able to speak English. For example, Satyr Elders can talk to Tavelor and focus on Drinking. If you try to focus on a skill you don't know, however, the NPC will take your gold and nothing will happen (this may be a bug).

Despite the fact that no known morph possesses the Magic Skill, if a player is focused in a particular school they will still retain the +3 bonus in that area, meaning that a Satyr Elder focused in the School of Evocation can use a Scroll of Burning Ember, and etcetera.

The polymorph potion can be crafted by selling Lysis a werewolf tuft. It also sometimes drops from the Master Alchemist.

What you can polymorph into:

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