• A pink rabbit, fleeing from countless unseen dangers
  • A slept pink rabbit in a player's inventory
  • A player and his pet pink rabbit

The pink rabbit is a rare NPC that can be found in the Grassy Field. It has 30 hit points and 1 defense, and it runs slightly slower than players. It respawns about every 5 minutes to 10 minutes.(It should be noted that it seems that the pink rabbit only spawns once a day during the daylight times and not 5 to 10 minutes the reason I leave the previous writing in tact is to show that I as a player do not know this writing to be entirely false but rather my writing more likely to be true. Edited by Gothorn (in game name)) Players have a chance to turn into a pink rabbit, among other mobs, by drinking a polymorph potion.


The pink rabbit has about a 5-10% chance to drop a pink rabbit pelt, and drops about 10 gold.


Because of its high run speed, the pink rabbit can be difficult to kill. It runs from players on sight and may stay in the trees if it is chased there. To make it easier, plan the kill out before attacking. It is easier to hit the rabbit horizontally, so it is best to attack the pink rabbit from its horizontal side closest to the trees. Be careful not to pass the rabbit or it will change directions. If it is clear that the rabbit will reach the trees before you can kill it, it may be better to back off, let the rabbit stop, and approach it from the other side.

Other UsesEdit

The pink rabbit can also be tamed and kept as a pet. The process is the same as with regular rabbits. To tame a rabbit, first find a way to make it fall asleep. Once it is asleep, click on it to pick it up, and keep it in your inventory until it feels safe around you. This takes about 30 minutes. Once the rabbit is tamed you just need to give it a name. A tamed rabbit can be picked up and stolen by other players. Wolves seem to prefer the taste of the pink rabbit over other rabbits.


Translations: Pain:

  • Stop
  • Help
  • Why Me


  • Stop

Drop Chance Edit

Aberoth prabbitpelt inv
Pink Rabbit


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