• A Pearl in a player's inventory
  • A Pearl on the ground
"(Playername)! The most amazing thing happened! Last night, while I was eating a supper of clams, I discovered this pearl. You may have it for being a loyal customer of Mine."
Tavelor, upon giving the player the pearl.

The pearl is a gem obtained from Tavelor during the 50 day membership quest after asking him about his oysters, or his supper. It also drops very rarely from the Plague Rat's nest. The Quest given to the player to collect it is: "You overheard Tavelor talking excitedly about his supper.

Gomald buys them for 7500 gold and (if recently dropped by a player.) sells them for 7800 gold, though it might be worth even more to players, as two pearls are needed to make Shield of the Oasis with a Bone Shield.

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