Ourik, oftenly misspelled as 'Orick', is a powerful boss mob in Aberoth. He is the king of the Orcs. Ourik's base of operations is in the Orc Cave. He has a large chamber with a chest room, and rare drops include the Large AxeSpiked Shieldiron boots, rings of defense, and the Emerald. He has around 75 to 100 HP, and drops a decent amount of gold in the chest. Unlike most Orcs, Ourik is left-handed. One of Inala's quests is to kill Ourik, awarding you a plus 2 defense ring. Newcomers should be careful, you will find he is quite strong. He is also accompanied by 2-3 Orcs and 1 Alchemist.

Ourik appears to respawn after about 15-25 minutes from death.

A guide for killing King Ourik can be found here.




Trivia Edit

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