• An orc skin potion in the inventory
  • An orc skin potion on the ground
  • A player under the influence of an orc skin potion

The orc skin potion is a defensive potion. It is crafted by Lysis if she has access to two orc scalps. The orc skin potion gives the drinker the skin and base defense of an orc, increasing defense by 9 for about 1 minute. It also gives 20% acid resistance.

A drinking skill of 5 guarantees success with this potion.

Lysis buys orc skin potions for 14 gold and sells them for 50.

Trivia Edit

  • If you drink an orc skin potion while under the effect of the Stone Skin Potion or the Bone Skin Potion, it will override the potions effect (decreasing the defense by 10 or 8 respectively) and the message 'Your skin itches, then feels more sensitive.' will display.

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